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Monday, 25 February 2019

A Letter to an Entrepreneur - 1

 Dear Mr. Entrepreneur, 

            Yesterday when we had a telephonic conversation we had a detailed discussion about how difficult it is to start your own business when we don't have any resources & support. I also learned many things from your experience and for that matter got answers to some of my problems when you shared your valuable experiences with me. You enriched me with your helpful tips about finding new clients and generating new leads by word of mouth publicity. But in the end, I must admit that your approach seemed very confusing and little negative to me. So I decided to write up and share some of my thoughts about it.

          Mr. Entrepreneur, you said, "We have so many Ideas, but we don't have a capital". and you also described it as the biggest hurdle in your dreams. I must say you are lucky enough to get a chance to prove yourself in challenging circumstances. I strongly feel that it's very important to take a risk at small levels first and then step by step increase your Risk-Appetite. When you do mistakes with start-ups with scratch, there is a guarantee that you may gather the courage to try again and take the risk again. But when you invest a lot of capital and fail, you will hardly try to enter any business again. Our mind gets strengths from successes and doubts from failures. I hope you may agree with it. About all when you start-up from scratch, you can build a strong foundation of your organization based on Values, Ethics, and strong reliance on 'People-oriented- teams', which is rarely possible in the organization which is build up completely on 'huge capitals' and are totally profit oriented. Organization culture plays a very important role in the long term.

         Dear friend, I know you have a good educational background and a professional degree. You have already created your own 'income source' through your consultancy, apart from your job. Your desire to become Entrepreneur will be full filled when you will understand the basic fact of 'Entrepreneurship'. You must have faith in your concept and passion to convert your dream in reality. Money is secondary. Once you start working in the right direction on your concepts with lots of faith and dedication, you will automatically learn to raise funds. Moreover, you should keep patience; as many entrepreneurs quit their dreams mid-way due to lack of patience as they fail to break-even within a stipulated time.

              I appreciate your thoughts of freedom & self-reliance. You have proved that you can become Self-employed and I am sure very soon you will also complete your dream to become 'Entrepreneur'. My best wishes always with you. Ring me whenever you need any help or advice from me.

Take Care of your health, as it's the main wealth :)

Deepak Doddamani


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