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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Definitions of Entrepreneur

                            Definitions of Entrepreneur

Lets see different definitions of 'Entrepreneur' 

1) An Entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.                    (Dictionary)

2) An Entrepreneur is an individual who, rather than working as an employee, founds and runs a small business, assuming all the risks and rewards of the venture. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services and business or procedures.   (Investopedia)

3) An Entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of business or enterprise.    (Merriam-webster)

4) An Entrepreneur is someone who exercises an initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and as a decision maker decides what, how, and how much of good or service will be produced. An entrepreneur supplies risk capital as a risk taker, and monitors and controls the business activities. The entrepreneur is usually a sole proprietor, a partner, or one who owns the majority of shares in the incorporated venture.     (businessdictionary)

5) Entrepreneurs are someone who starts their own business, especially when this involves seeing a new opportunity.    (Cambridge Dictionary) 

6) An Entrepreneur is an individual who identifies a need in the marketplace and works to fulfill it.      (searchcio)

7) An Entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business with the aim to make a profit. (Oberlo) 

8) An Entrepreneur is a person who sets us businesses or business deals. (collinsdictionary)

9) An Entrepreneur is the founder of the enterprise who identifies opportunities, assembles skilled manpower and necessary resources for the operation of the enterprise, attracts persons and financial institutions and takes psychological responsibility for managing the enterprise successfully.  (iedunote)

10) An entrepreneur is a person who takes an idea, product or service and does whatever is necessary to introduce it to the marketplace where it can produce revenue (yourdictionary)

11) An Entrepreneur is a person of very high aptitude who pioneers change, processing characteristics found in only a very small fraction of the population. The entrepreneur word originates from the French word entreprendre which means 'to undertake'.In the business context, it means to start a business.    (QuickMBA)

12) An Entrepreneur is a person who starts a new company, who takes risks associated with starting the enterprise, which may require venture capital to cover start-up costs. 
(Campbell Havey)

13) A risk taker who has the skills and initiative to establish a business (Houghton Mifflin)

14) The entrepreneur initiates, organizes, manages and controls the affairs of a business unit.  (YourArticlelibrary) 

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