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Thursday, 18 August 2011


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                              REVIEW ON MARATHI FILM: SINHASAN (1979) 

    When it comes to films on 'POLITICS', we all remember most talented & thinking director Shri.Jabbar Patel. He has really given some very good Marathi Movies to Indian cinema. 'Sinhasan' is one of them. The period of 'Sinhasan' is of 70's. The film was released in late 70's and was appreciated by whole country.All thanks to Dr. Jabbar Patel, who made such a realistic movie on 'dirty politics' in Maharashtra. The pace of the 2 and half hrs film keeps you glued to your Sinhasan :P The film is in Black & White yet wonderfully shows all shades of colors of Indian Politics & Society.

                         An anonymous caller tells Maharashtra Chief Minister Vishwasrao (Arun Sarnaik) about the possibility of rebellion in his party and then the drama starts. Insecured C.M play all his tricks to save his 'Sinhasan'. The 'permutations & combinations',the 'number game of majority', the 'tod-jod policy', and the dirty game of politics everything has been showed brilliantly. The Finance minister of state (Shriram Lagoo)  wants to grab 'Chief Minister Chair' and he tries to take support of some other ministers to full fill his ambition.There are two other people Manikrao & Daulatrao who has the same aspiration. Hence the political game becomes more nasty & interesting. The way they deal with each other, the way they negotiate with each other everything is superb.The dialogues & quotes in this films are very well written and equally well delivered. The most interesting scenes are when both the leaders tries to woo labor union leader D'casta on their side. Both the scenes of D'casta are equally good. But the CM & D'casta conversation is quite brilliant one. But we watch entire movie from the angle of one high profile journalist 'Digu' played by Nilu Phule. The song USHAKAAL HOTA HOTA enters our soul as the film progresses. The emotional roller-coaster of journalist in his personal & professional life has been made alive by Nilu Phule.

  There are many other characters who have their own story-lines but having same thread of 'Sinhasan C.M. chair'. A common man who turns into smuggling, a small time criminal Ramu (Nana Patekar), a businessman who is into smuggling etc. story goes side by side. The film also shows how the sons of political leaders takes disadvantage of powers of their parents. The female-hunting of politician,their lust, their egos, their greed everything is shown realistically and boldly in this film. When C.M. touches feets & shows his crocodile tears to a social worker fasting for border problem is the peak scene when people realizes to what extent the politicians can go? The best part is their is all cold-wars, no real verbal fights between oppositions. The end seems more convincing as current C.M. gets sympathy from people due to his heart attack and somehow manages to keep his chair intact. Director has purposely avoided filmi end & showed the changing equations of real-life politics which depends on events & sentiments more than proper reasoning.

       The film has great storyline & direction. But the music by Pt.Hridaynath Mangeshkar & songs by Suresh Bhatt add soul to movie.The film has best actors from Marathi film industry  like Madhukar Toradmal, Satish Dubhashi, Nana Patekar, Rima, Mohan Agashe, Shrikant Moghe & Datta Bhatt.

         All an all the best Marathi Movie on Game of Politics.

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